Barbers in Gold Coast

There are a number of options for visiting a Gold Coast barber. You can find the latest trends or get a traditional cut at one of the many established barbershops. You can also stop by a Gold Coast Barbers shop in the area on your lunch break to get a quick trim or style. These shops can also suggest grooming products and current styles. Here are some tips for finding the best Gold Coast hair salon for your particular needs.

How to Choose Barbers in Gold Coast

Luigi & Sons: One of the oldest and most prestigious barbershops in the Gold Coast, Luigi & Sons is a family business that first opened in 1961. Now, the shop is in the capable hands of its son, Lino. With 25 years of experience, Lino is the ambassador for American Crew and has created a new style rake known as the King Louis IX. The staff at this barbershop is friendly and professional, and the quality of service is exceptional.

Luigi & Sons: Another family-run barbershop that was founded in 1961 is the home of Luigi & Sons. Owner Joey D’Adderio has been in the industry for 30 years, and his shop now has a mobile barbershop van. In addition to the barbershop, Luigi ‘D’ Adderio’s’ mobile barbershop caravan is a hub of community activity for the community. Aside from the traditional cut, you can expect to get a slick shave or a facial at this shop.