How to Change Wi-Fi SSID Name

If you want to change your wireless SSID name, you need to go into your router’s control panel and find the Advanced Settings option. Then, select your network and tap on the “Wireless Name” option. Type the new SSID in the field, and confirm your changes by clicking “Apply”. Next, you need to change the name of your wi-fi network that is displayed in your network map. In the network map, select the ‘Wireless Name (SSID)’ option on the left. Enter the SSID in the appropriate band, and then click on the ‘Change’ button.

Why Need to Change Wi-Fi SSID Name

When you’re done changing the name, you can reconnect to your WiFi network. You may have to reboot your router after changing the name, but the change will be permanent once you restart it. Once your network is back up, you’ll need to sign in with your new password for every device on your network. In some cases, you’ll need to reboot your device so that it can recognize your new Wi-Fi network.

In order to change wifi ssid name, you must restart the router. The changes you made will take effect after a reboot, but some routers will require you to restart them afterward to ensure that they take effect. Once you’ve completed all these steps, your devices will be connected to both networks, but the old ones will still use the old password. However, you should always note that you’ll have to reconnect all devices after changing the Wi-Fi SSID name.