Women’s Gentle Grip Socks

womens gentle grip socks

A softer, silky-soft option for all day comfort. Made from breathable, moisture-wicking bamboo in a non-restrictive elastane free knit for a smooth, comfortable fit. The soft top gently grips without tightness and the socks are designed to stay in place with a comfort cuff that moulds to the leg’s natural contours leaving no nasty constriction rings. The socks are machine washable and feature a smooth hand-linked toe seam for extra softness in this vulnerable area. These socks are perfect for diabetics, those with oedema or fluid retention and those wanting a soft top gentle grip sock.

Matt Hazledine, Founder of Lymphoedema United endorses these socks. Learn more women’s gentle grip socks – gaintheedgeofficial.com

This item is available in plain or patterned designs. Please select the design you would like from the images below.

Comfort and Style: Embrace Gentle Grip Socks for Women

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