What to Look For in a Custom Defender

E.c.d. automotive design Custom Defender is a term for vehicles that are custom-built to meet the individual tastes of their owners. It can be an enjoyable experience, but it is important to select a builder with the right experience and expertise.

Which is better Defender 90 or 110?

The right vendor can help you design your own vehicle from scratch, with all the customization features you want. They should also have a strong understanding of the Land Rover Defender’s unique construction and engineering.

Color Options

The best way to make your custom Defender stand out is to choose a unique color that complements the overall design of the truck. You can use OEM colors like Land Rover’s Grasmere green and Chawton white, but you can also find your own matching paint.

Interior Accessories

When you’re ready to take your Defender on an epic adventure, a quality stereo system is essential. We can install a hidden Bluetooth-only unit or mount a conventional dash-mounted head unit that looks like it was meant for the Defender’s dashboard.

Mechanical Upgrades

When it comes to custom Land Rover Defender restoration, it is critical that the mechanical aspects of the car be taken care of first. Taking care of the engine, transmission, suspension, and other components will ensure that any cosmetic changes aren’t rendered useless.

At Xerbera Automotive, we have a great team of professional installers to handle any drive train option you choose for your Custom Defender. Whether it’s an old school Land Rover 4.0 V8, a new-era GM crate motor, or anything in between, we can get it all installed professionally.