Water Pipeline Leak Solutions

Water Pipeline Leak Solutions most critical natural resources. However, the water distribution network loses about 20 percent of its water due to leakage. This wastage is not only expensive for the water supply company but also harmful to people’s health.

In order to avoid the wastage, it is important to have water leak detection solutions. The goal is to find out the exact location of the leaks. However, most of the existing leak detection methods are not intelligent enough to achieve this goal. Some of them are even labor intensive and require high cost.

The conventional static leak detection systems rely on sensors and data collectors that are installed within the water networks or on valves. These devices collect data periodically and send it to the network management office. However, these systems only identify leaks when they have been suspected and do not provide information about the actual location of a water leak.

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Startups are developing water leak detection technologies that use IoT (Internet of Things) devices to continuously monitor the water system and notify stakeholders of any problems. This helps reduce water loss and damages and lowers operational costs, repair bills, and insurance premiums.

Some startups are utilizing satellite images and deep learning to locate underground leaks. French startup LEAKMITED for example, uses electromagnetic satellite-based imagery to locate the leaks and utilizes a deep learning tool to detect patterns in the image and quickly identify the source of the leak.