Take Action

Your voice counts, especially to elected officials who want to make sure they are responding to their constituents.

Campaigns to reach elected officials are constantly shifting according to the legislation that is pending in each state and in Washington, DC. Look below to see how you can take a stand for funding and programs for nonpublic schools.

New York

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New Jersey

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Click here to show your appreciation to the legislative sponsors of Florida’s $645,000 first time funding for security in Florida Jewish schools.


Click here to send a letter to your state representatives to support EITC and OSTC, the tax credit programs that result in scholarships for low and middle-income families.

Click here to urge your representatives: Support HB 250, to provide increased funding for tax credits.


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No action is required at the moment.

National Legislation

Proposals are in the works for increased homeland security grants, tax credits and tax credit scholarships. Sign up for updates to know when you can make a difference.