Last year, Teach NYS successfully led an advocacy campaign involving thousands of parents and students, as well as Teach NYS staff and resources, working alongside policy makers in Albany to pass legislation that authorizes reimbursements for qualified STEM teachers in nonpublic schools. This bill is historic, in that it compensates nonpublic and public-school teachers equally for STEM instruction, paving the way for all our students to receive equal access to secular instruction.


What this means

The bill’s passage impacts and improves the quality of our students’ education, allowing schools to hire and retain top-tier educators, in turn giving students the ability to compete and gain better access to competitive jobs in a new market. This happens without raising tuition costs. The long-term implications of this bill render it a landmark in our mission to provide equal resources to, and enable the affordability of, nonpublic schools.


Who Is eligible:

The initial allocation for this budget is $5 million, applicable to the New Year State budget appropriations for the 2017-2018 school year.

  1. Certified to teach those subjects in NYS or
  2. Hold a Master’s Degree or Ph.D. in STEM subjects or Education
  3. Hold a Bachelor’s Degree in STEM subjects or Education and are enrolled in a Master’s or Ph.D. program in STEM subjects or Education.


How TEACH NYS can help your school earn funding

Teach NYS maintains an inhouse Government Maximization Team, whose resources and expertise are utilized by hundreds of nonpublic schools in New York State to maximize government assistance available. From the early application to the deployment of funds, the government maximization team is on hand. For more information on working with our staff and becoming a member school, please complete our Maximization Survey or email Yosef Kanofsky at:


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