Orthodox Union & Teach Advocacy Network Announce Upcoming “Tackling the Tuition Crisis” Speaking Event Series

Teach Advocacy Network Executive Director Maury Litwack will address communities in New York and New Jersey on using government funding to relieve the tuition burden of Jewish day school parents.

New York, NY, October 19, 2017 – Maury Litwack, Founder and Executive Director of the Teach Advocacy Network (a project of the Orthodox Union), will be speaking to Jewish community members in Teaneck, Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens about tackling the tuition affordability crisis in October, November, and December of 2017. In his speaking appearances, Litwack will provide a comprehensive overview of the tuition crisis, discuss the Teach Advocacy Network’s efforts to relieve the tuition burden using government funding, and tell listeners how they can help.

Maury Litwack is one the nation’s foremost experts on advocating for state and local government funding for Jewish schools. He has nearly a decade of experience leading the Orthodox Union’s state advocacy efforts.

According to Litwack, the tuition crisis has been getting worse over the last 15-20 years. “The costs of education have been going up rapidly,” Litwack said, “with the cost of tuition pricing some people out of providing their children with a Jewish education. Some families are being forced to rethink their lcost of living and in some cases, how many children they have. It’s affecting people’s way of life.”

The Teach Advocacy Network was created in 2013 as a partnership between the Orthodox Union and local communities across the country to secure government money for Jewish day schools and parents. The Teach Advocacy Network currently has six state affiliates – New York (Teach NYS), New Jersey (Teach NJS), Pennsylvania (Teach PA) , Florida (Teach FL), California (Teach CA), and Maryland (Teach MD) – which have secured over $500 million in government funding for 186,000 students in 450 Jewish day schools.

The speaking series, called “Tackling the Tuition Crisis,” is free and open to the public. Each speaking event will give community members a clear understanding of how they can partner with the the Teach Advocacy Network to bring more state and local government funding into their Jewish day schools. The tentative speaking schedule is as follows:

Regarding the upcoming speaking series, Maury Litwack said, “There’s an understanding that this is a crisis that’s been brewing for two decades or more. But solving a crisis requires a serious investment of time and involvement over the same period. For those who want to make a meaningful difference, there’s a lot that they can learn at these speaking events. For those who want to move beyond discussion around dining room tables this is going to be an excellent forum to do so.”


Talia Fadis
Administrator, Teach Advocacy Network

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