KDE Vs Xfce – What’s the Difference?

There are many Linux distributions that come with different desktop environments (DE). GNOME and KDE are two popular choices for those interested in a lightweight, fast, and customizable desktop.

Kde vs xfce and MATE are lightweight DEs designed for old computers that do not have the resources to run more powerful desktop environments like Cinnamon. They are easy to pick up and get started on.

Both are lightweight and fast-loading, which makes them ideal for users who want a simple and speedy desktop environment that will not be too resource intensive on their system. They are also able to handle basic home computing, eLearning, entertainment, and office productivity tasks quickly.

KDE Plasma is a modern and polished desktop that provides a number of helpful features to help you manage your files more effectively. It offers a variety of bundled apps, graphical menu editors, and applications that do administrative work.

KDE vs Xfce: Which Desktop Environment is Right for You

The default file manager in KDE is Dolphin, which is built to be user-friendly and focused on usability. It offers significant documentation to make it easier to find files and folders on your system.

KDE also has a Kickoff (applications menu) launcher, which allows you to quickly access the most common apps on your system. It also provides KFind, which is a tool that lets you search for files on your computer. Lastly, KDE has animated desktop switches with convenient keyboard combinations that help you switch between windows and applications in no time.