How to Use a Twitter GIF Downloader


If you use twitter gif downloader on a regular basis, you’ve probably seen a GIF that you’d love to save or share. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t provide a way to do this natively, but there are several handy tools that make it easy to download Twitter GIFs with a few clicks or taps.

Best Practices for Downloading High-Quality X Gifs

The easiest option is a free website, but there are also a few apps that offer the same functionality for both iPhone and Android users. Tweet2gif and the aforementioned GIFwrapped are both available in the Google Play store, and they both allow you to copy a tweet’s URL, paste it into a web tool like Hypefury, and download the resulting GIF.

These apps are a little more complex than the Chrome extensions, but they’re still incredibly quick and easy to use. Simply open the Twitter app on your iPhone or Android device, navigate to a tweet that contains a video or GIF, and follow the instructions.

Of course, it’s important to note that using these tools can be risky if you don’t know your rights. While it’s perfectly legal to download videos and GIFs for personal use, it’s illegal to do so for commercial purposes without the creator’s permission. Be sure to check out our full guide on downloading videos and GIFs on Twitter for more tips.