How to Start Your Own Temporary Work Agency

You’ve decided to start your own temp work agency. The next step is to begin the recruitment process. Now that you have your business plan in place, you know that you need to attract quality candidates and convince them that you are the best place to find a temporary position. Here are a few steps that can help you succeed.

temporary work agency


Look for employment opportunities at fairs such as flea markets and craft shows. Check local directories of job placement agencies and talk with their representatives. Many temp agencies host recruiting events during busy seasons. These events can be an excellent chance to meet other temporary workers and gain valuable contacts. Learn more at


A good recruitment strategy will involve working with the employer as well as the worker. The recruiter should be able to answer any questions a potential worker may have. If you’re looking for a specific type of worker, be sure to let the employer know so that you can offer your services specifically. This will help you ensure that your services are fully utilized and that you receive only the best candidates. And, of course, never charge a fee for your services. You’ll have plenty of work available when you need it most, and you’ll enjoy the flexibility of working with an online staffing company.