How to Choose a Solar Company

A solar installers is a business that provides a full range of services to its customers, from designing to installing and maintaining a home energy system. Solar companies may also offer financial services, such as loans or power purchase agreements (PPAs). There are a few vertically-integrated solar companies that oversee every step of the process. They usually partner with other companies, such as solar installers and dealers.

Many people have questions about solar technology and the best way to save money with solar panels. Fortunately, the industry has experts ready to answer your questions.

In addition to assessing cost, value and equipment options, you’ll want to consider a solar company’s reputation, warranty coverage, customer service ratings and the ease of installation. Resist high-pressure sales tactics, and get all promises and conditions in writing.

Bringing Solar to Life: Finding and Evaluating the Best Solar Installers

When choosing a solar company, it’s a good idea to ask for references and to visit past installations. You’ll also want to read reviews on the web, but keep in mind that even the best companies have negative experiences. Look for a company that addresses bad experiences and doesn’t just hide or ignore them.

Starting a solar company takes research, investment, time and leadership. But if you follow best practices for sales, marketing and customer support, you can build a profitable business that leads to satisfied customers. This, in turn, leads to more referrals and fewer cold calls, leading to faster sales conversions. Discover how to grow your solar business with sales management software that enables you to close more deals.