How to Calm Your Anxious Whining Dog

How to Calm Your Anxious Whining Dog

Whining is a common behavior that can be caused by a variety of things. It’s important to determine the cause and try to address it so your dog doesn’t continue How to Calm Your Anxious Whining Dog.

* Anxiety

Your dog may be whining to let you know they are anxious. If you have identified this as the reason for their whining, it is important to reduce your dog’s anxiety and provide them with a safe place where they can be calm and comfortable, such as their dog crate if they are crate trained. This can be done through obedience training, playing with them and using calming treats or sprays such as this one that contains a synthetic copy of the appeasing pheromone that a mother naturally releases to calm her litter.

* Boredom

If your dog is whining due to boredom, it can be challenging to get them away from their dog crate or other hiding spots. However, you can encourage them to expend their energy by providing regular sniff walks on a long lead, playtime with them, and interactive toys such as a food dispensing toy or snuffle mat.

* Pain or Discomfort

If your dog is whining due to pain, it’s important to seek veterinary advice immediately. It’s important not to scold your dog for the pain they are feeling as this can elevate their anxiety levels and lead to fearful or aggressive behaviour. If your vet has determined that your dog is in pain, you can ask them to recommend a medication such as carprofen that will help manage the discomfort and hopefully stop their whining.