Fence Company Salt Lake City

The Fence Company  Salt Lake City is a firm that provides a wide range of fencing solutions for commercial and residential properties. The team offers decorative steel semi-private fencing for security and beauty, and it also works on rail fences that define borders or provide animal containment. Additionally, the company is known for providing low-maintenance Trex fences that are incredibly durable. For clients interested in buying fence supplies, the firm also carries a selection of lumber and construction materials, including t-posts, railroad ties, lodge poles, barbed wire, and concrete.

How to Maintain and Care for Your Fence in the Salt Lake City Climate

This firm is a full-service fencing contractor that has been in business for more than two decades. Its portfolio showcases a range of projects, from small-scale residential work to large industrial installations. The staff is equipped to handle both wrought iron and chain link fencing, and its work is noted for its quality and craftsmanship. In addition to installing fences, this firm has also taken on various specialty projects like parking lot bollards and chains, and it can handle large fences.

Located in Murray, Utah, this firm serves the entire area of Utah and Southern Idaho. The company is a family-owned and operated firm that offers a wide variety of products and services. It is a member of the American Fence Association, which benefits fence industry professionals and consumers through its advocacy efforts. The firm also offers a free consultation to help its clients choose the best fence for their needs. Its team of highly-trained and experienced project managers, installers, and fence craftsmen has more than a century of combined experience in the field.