Dedicated Rehab Professionals

Dedicated Rehab Professionals

For many patients, Dedicated Rehab Professionals combined with other non-invasive treatments is enough to remedy bone and joint pain and eliminate the need for surgery. Our experienced team of rehab professionals at Baxter Health are trained in some of the most effective exercises and stretches to help alleviate pain caused by joint problems, and speed up recovery time.

In many parts of the world, the capacity to deliver rehabilitation services remains limited or nonexistent and 92 percent of disability-related burden of disease is related to conditions for which rehabilitation is needed (Gupta et al. 2014). Many countries do not have a sufficient number of rehabilitation providers or have poorly developed policies for training and deploying health workers with adequate skills to perform rehabilitation interventions.

Next-Generation Healing: The Rise of Innovative Rehab Therapies in the UK

Occupational therapy helps patients who are disabled or have a chronic condition regain their independence by improving their ability to do daily activities, such as using a computer, getting in and out of bed or driving. It also offers recommendations to adapt the home or work environment to support improved function.

Organizing events to recognize the hard work of rehabilitation professionals can go a long way in helping people who need it to understand that rehabilitation is an option for them. Creating public awareness campaigns on social media or in local communities is another excellent way to share success stories and encourage people to seek help for their injuries, disabilities, or addiction recovery. In addition, hosting open houses or facility tours can give the public a chance to see facilities and meet rehabilitation professionals in person, which may be enough to reassure those who are hesitant about seeking care.