Chris Paul Memoir ‘Sixty-One’ Coming Out in September 2020

NBA All-Star Chris Paul has an off-court project in progress: His first book.

Paul’s “61: Life Lessons from Papa, On and Off the Court” will turn out in September, St. Martin’s Press reported Wednesday.

Co-composed with writer and ESPN telecaster Michael Wilbon, the journal by the Phoenix Suns’ point watch is an accolade for his late granddad and tutor, Nathaniel Jones, who passed on while Paul was in secondary school. The book’s title alludes to a secondary school game, played after his granddad kicked the bucket when Paul scored 61 focuses — one for every year his granddad lived.

“’61’ is a festival of my Papa Chilly who aided shape who I am today and what I esteem,” Paul said in an articulation.

“His tradition of difficult work and administration to others is woven through the texture of my nurturing, my local area work and how I have moved toward my ball profession. That secondary school game where I scored 61 focuses was a recuperating second through ball and I am excited to work with Michael Wilbon to impart this story to the world.”

Disney+ declared last December that a surprisingly realistic film about Paul, which will be founded on his book, was being developed.