Choosing Dolly Casters

Dolly casters are an important part of the moving process. You can buy various types of dolly casters that vary in size, shape, and function. Choosing the right caster will ensure a smooth and efficient move.

Does tire size affect caster?

Some of the best dolly casters are swivel dolly casters. These casters have a larger diameter than their smaller counterparts and thus handle expansion joints more efficiently. Learn more :

Another thing to look for when buying dolly casters is the sturdiness of the product. For example, a phenolic caster might be able to handle a heavier load, but it might not be able to hold up to a rough ride. This is why a semi-steel or steel caster might be the better choice.

Dolly casters are made from a variety of materials. Depending on the task at hand, you may choose to use a polyurethane or a hard rubber. A dolly caster made from polyurethane will be able to withstand heavy loads and roll easily. However, a dolly caster made of hard rubber might be less durable.

Dolly casters are an important component of any moving and storage operation. There are a number of companies that manufacture dolly wheels of various kinds. National Caster, for instance, is a company that makes all sorts of dolly wheels. It also produces replacement wheels for other brands of dolly carts. They have an experienced sales staff that can help you select the right caster for your application. With a wide selection of dolly casters and a great customer service team, National Caster is one of the best caster manufacturers in the business.