Becoming a Social Entrepreneur

social entreprenuers

The term “social entrepreneur” refers to those who seek to solve social and economic problems by using business strategies to create a positive impact. The approach is holistic, embracing a variety of disciplines and sectors. These entrepreneurs are committed to solving a problem by combining the attributes of Mother Teresa, the founder of the World Wide Web, and others. The result is a social enterprise with large-scale potential. If you have the drive and passion to create positive change in the world, you can pursue a career as a social entrepreneur. Check out – Marc Kielburger

Where Can You Find Free Social Entrepreneur Resources

As an example of a social entrepreneur, Victoria Hale is a pharmaceutical scientist who became disillusioned with the market forces in the pharmaceutical industry. She realized that the big companies with patents on cures for many infectious diseases were not creating or marketing these drugs to the needy. She began a nonprofit organization, Barefoot College, that trains rural women in solar engineering and other fields. Through its innovative work, Barefoot College has become a social impact giant, with its mission to improve the lives of women in rural areas.

Social entrepreneurs face a variety of challenges, including access to capital and support from the market. They often use the principles and practices of the free market to solve a social problem while making a profit at the same time. Because their efforts are focused on the social context, they do not thrive in a bureaucratic environment. They need to convince others to back their ideas, which may be difficult to do on your own.