Aluminium Commercial Aluminium Cladding Designs

aluminium cladding designs

In addition to the traditional shades of paint, there are also several other treatments for aluminium cladding designs available. Corrugated aluminium cladding is a type of corrugated aluminium sheet, which is made by roll forming the aluminium sheet into corrugation joints. The resulting material has low-density and excellent fire retardant properties, making it ideal for use in a wide range of buildings. The resulting material is highly flexible and strong, able to resist a high degree of pressure and extreme temperatures. This feature makes it a popular choice for use in a variety of applications.

How to choose Aluminium Commercial Aluminium Cladding Designs

For those building a new building, the traditional selection of conventional aluminum sheets may not be suitable due to its weight and inability to be easily moulded into any shape. Aluminium corrugated panel can be easily moulded into a wide range of decorative shapes such as square, rectangular, oval, round and pentagonal. Because of its strength and flexibility, aluminium cladding designs made with this type of aluminium sheet is the preferred choice for many building applications. For example, the use of these panels for constructing exterior stair cases results in an elegant and stylish appearance, whilst providing the protection necessary from the weather elements.

If the traditional choice of aluminium composite panels proves unfeasible, then the next step is to consider the use of vitrabond composite panels. These panels contain a combination of aluminium and vitrified carbon. This design provides for a high degree of structural flexibility, meaning that the design can be changed when required without the need for structural changes to the entire building. As the popularity of vitrabond aluminium composite panels has increased over the years, the construction of new buildings has become much easier.