A Building Designer VS an Architect

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You may not know it but there is a pretty big difference between a building designer mornington and a building contractor. A building designer is responsible to make the best design possible for a specific structure. In the construction business, this means they make drawings and plans of their future building project. Their job is to determine what will work the best and how. They will usually meet with a client and give them their thoughts on a design.


The architect is responsible for actually building the structure. They are responsible for coming up with the blueprints and all of the materials that will go into a building. Some architects have actual experience in the field because they went to school for years and were trained in the field of architecture. When you hire a building designer from Mornington, you are hiring an architect that has many years of experience. You want to be sure you pick an architect that can really bring your dreams to life.


There are many different responsibilities that go along with being an architect and a building designer. Sometimes, one will work closely with the planner while the other works more with the construction crew. The architect will draft the plans and then they will go over it with the planner. If there are any changes to be made, the architect will make those changes and bring it back to the construction team for approval.